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Embedded motor controller library developed

12th January 2017

Robotae has completed the development of a motion control library capable of driving up to 32 stepper motors from a single STM32 microcontroller.

UK robotics to benefit from increased R&D funding

UK robotics to benefit from increased R&D funding

21st November 2016

Theresa May has announced an extra £2 billion annual investment in research and development by 2020.

Encouraging forecast for service robotics

Encouraging forecast for service robotics

15th September 2016

The introduction of robots to our daily lives is becoming closer to reality…




Robotae is a technology consultancy specialising in robotics and mechatronics—machines or devices that are able to detect and respond intelligently to changes in their environment.

Founded in 2014 by Dr Kevin Rathbone, Robotae supports companies of all sizes looking to incorporate robotics within new product developments.

Over recent years a number of underpinning technologies such as robotic perception, learning and action have reached the required level of maturity for robots to be deployed alongside humans. This has made mechatronics a rapidly growing field of engineering, and a multidisciplinary approach is required.

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