Robotics consultancy



Robotae is a technology consultancy specialising in robotics and mechatronics—machines or devices that are able to detect and respond intelligently to changes in their environment.

Founded in 2014 by Dr Kevin Rathbone, Robotae supports companies of all sizes looking to incorporate robotics within new product developments.

Over recent years a number of underpinning technologies such as robotic perception, learning and action have reached the required level of maturity for robots to be deployed alongside humans. This has made mechatronics a rapidly growing field of engineering, and a multidisciplinary approach is required.

Rathbone holds a Cambridge degree in mathematics, a postgraduate diploma in computer science and a PhD in robotics and artificial intelligence, followed by a postdoc that involved designing and building novel mobile robots, both ground-based and airborne. He then gained a wealth of experience working with leading technology companies Cambridge Consultants and The Automation Partnership (now TAP Biosystems).

Rathbone comments: “Robots are going to become increasingly visible in everyday life. We have already seen robotic vacuum cleaners become mainstream and the wider use of unmanned vehicles – this is set to continue.

“Processors, sensors and actuators are becoming faster, smaller, lower cost and require less power, making it economic to incorporate mechatronics into a wider range of products. This has coincided with advances in artificial intelligence and the development of new robotic safety standards.

“However, don’t expect the world to change overnight— the development cycle is much longer than for purely software products, such as smartphone apps. We’ll see a gradual introduction of robotics into our daily life but over a vast range of applications.”